HANDIER is an online community that was formed to enable both, consumers and quality service providers, to easily find one another.

Wheter you as a consumer, are in search of a plumber, mechanic, dentist, dog groomer, beuty salon, gift shop, handyman etc. HANDIER has exactly what you require and offers you the best service providers around your area and much more. Also, if you are a business owner looking to increase your online presence and customer’s base. HANDIER is the right place for you.

How HANDIER will benefit my business?

In order for your business to survive and succeed, you must be aware that maintaining online visibility and social media presence it’s the number 1 priority. But you also know how expensive and time-consuming this task can be. HANDIER will help you to

– Amplify your online presence
– Improve your local visibility
– Get discovered more
– Use of word of mouth
At www.handier.ie we will make sure to tell everyone how good you are whilst you can concentrate in doing what you love the most. Serving and taking care of your customers.